13 Apr 2013

Treasure State

Author: fixer | Filed under: Good Outlaw Studios

In Stores September, 2013

TS-LAYERSSynopsis: In this family-friendly adventure, the Hogues and Stantons have feuded for decades and their sons, Levi Hogue and Trey Stanton, are continuing the family tradition, rivals to the bitter end.

Or so they think … until a plane carrying a cargo of great importance crashes in the snow-covered mountains of Montana, sending the boys on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

When the wealthy owner of the lost cargo offers a substantial reward for its recovery, Trey sets out to find it and make a fortune, completely unaware that Levi has the same plan in mind. Levi, however, turns out to be the least of his concerns when the notorious Baxter Brothers, escaped convicts, arrive on the scene.

Levi and Trey must put their differences aside and join forces in order to stop the bandits and survive the rugged and brutal wilderness known as the Treasure State.


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